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At Command Solutions, we are very proud of our relationship with Motorola. With the Dashboard software, we have been able to help agencies make communities safer and that’s the reason we exist. Our company goals are parallel to that of Motorola. Our desire to achieve accountability and to take crime stats to zero while increasing response time to emergencies drives us every day. — Rich Hendricks

Client Testimonials

In this climate of limited resources, I’ve found the use of the dashboard tool invaluable in tracking activities and allowing my staff to better utilize the limited resources we have available, concentration on specific areas and developing problem solving strategies to eliminate various problems and criminal activities. The tool also allows administrators to stay ahead of the curve with respect to anticipating quality of life issues for community members and redirecting the necessary resources to address the problems before they become a public concern.

Chief Gary Smith
Emporia, Kansas
Motorola Dashboards making an impact

Motorola Dashboards making an impact

In addition to implementing Motorola's records management software (RMS), the agency will also implement Motorola computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile data, and personnel/resource software. The agency plans to use the CompStat Dashboard and Pin Mapping modules to calculate trends and patterns in data and analyze methods for reducing crime by plotting incidents on a pin map.
“We’re looking forward to using the software to help us pinpoint where the loiterers and suspicious vehicles are. That way, we know where to deploy more officers.”
Sergeant Sarita Titus 
Gary Police Department
Gary, Indiana
Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department Inspector Glenn Berg said Motorola allows investigators to access critical information required to make effective decisions – something they were not able to do with their previous software system.

Motorola will greatly enhance our abilities compared to what we had previously,” Berg said. “This will allow us to be more efficient and effective as opposed to doing just random patrols.

DI Glenn Berg
Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

“Command Solutions and Dash Board have created a platform to use our statistical data in a timely manner. It is pulling data from Motorola on a daily basis which allows us to utilize it in a way that has immediate impact on our resource deployment and mentoring/directing staff more effectively. Command Solutions staff have been absolutely great to work with and have responded in a timly manner to our needs. A great tool to enhance the service we provide to our community!” 

Director and Chief Jim Keith 
Washington city Department of Public Safety
Washington, Utah