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The CompStat Dashboard helps managers maximize Motorola Solutions software by calculating trends and patterns using information in the Motorola database. The data is presented to the manager in an easy-to-analyze format.


CompStat Dashboard can be customized

CompStat Dashboard helps managers determine high crime areas

CompStat Key Features

Main Dashboard

A complete and wide range of agency statistics at a glance

The Quick Glance column displays exactly how many crimes, quality of life offenses, accidents and traffic citations have occurred in your jurisdiction over the period of time you define.

Allows you to customize your window of time making it easy to compare statistics weekly, monthly or over multiple time periods.

Crime Dashboard

Analyze the rate and location of events that impair the quality of life in your community, such as gang problems, graffiti, and animal attacks. Offenses can be customized to reflect those tracked by your agency.

Graphs reveal whether quality of life factors have increased or decreased over a designated time period.
You can access detailed information about each quality of life crime, including the date, time, and location

Traffic and Accidents Dashboard

The Traffic and Accidents Dashboard enables you to see at a glance whether accidents and citations have increased or decreased over a given time period. You can use the dashboard to see how many injuries or fatalities occurred in each accident and the resulting monetary damage.

The dashboard also shows the most frequent places for citations and accidents, allowing you to identify problem areas within your community and target patrols to accident hotspots.

Agencies can use the dashboard to spot trends, make informed decisions, and monitor the day-to-day health of their organizations. Comparing statistics over user-defined periods of time allows agencies to evaluate the success of crime-fighting strategies and make informed decisions to improve public safety.

CompStat Dashboard advantages:

  1.  Comprehensive statistics without running multiple reports
  2. Pinpoint problem areas and reduce or eliminate the need for random patrols
  3.  Identify areas where personnel are meeting or exceeding goals and provide positive recognition 

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