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At Command Solutions, we've dedicated ourselves to helping managers protect and secure communities. With the very latest cutting edge Motorola Dashboard technology, we arm agencies with clear, concise customized data they can use to pinpoint crime areas, high incident locations and other criterion that will make communities safer while saving valuable resources.

About Us


At Command Solutions, we've dedicated ourselves to helping public safety managers protect and secure their communities. With state-of-the-art Motorola Dashboard technology, we arm agencies with clear, concise customized data they can use to pinpoint crime areas, high incident locations and maximize their resources.

Our Technology


Command Solutions provides powerful Executive Management tools with technology that has been continually expanded and improved upon for three decades. The technology works with every agency that partners with Motorola Solutions.

Dashboard Products


Agencies can use our products to spot trends, make informed decisions, and monitor the day-to-day health of their organizations. Crime, Community and 911 Dashboards compare statistics over user-defined periods of time, allowing executives to maximize their resources.


picture We've built our company on the foundation of accountability and accomplishment. We arm our clients with the right tools specific in their communities. With our experience in law enforcement and access to the right technology, we're making American cities successful in fighting crime, reducing crime rate numbers and raising the quality of life in neighborhoods. We're proud of our work and look forward to our relationships with our clients"

--Richard Hendricks - Owner Command Solutions

Providing essential Executive Management Tools for your Agency

Police, Fire and EMS executives and managers strive to meet the demands of many issues almost daily:

  • Ever widening jurisdictions
  • Shrinking budgets
  • Juggling management of officers and staff

Public safety officers want to accomplish their goals. With so many demands on their time, they need tools to cut right to the essence of their work; protecting the public by pinpointing trouble areas and other data for maximum efficiency.

Dashboard technology pinpoints high crime areas

Command Solutions empower public safety executives

Command Solutions provides powerful Executive Management tools that create an accurate and complete crime picture of your jurisdiction. Our Products help management change and enhance the quality of life in your community.

What Command Solutions provides to your agency:

  • The ability to influence crime rates
  • Deliver services more efficiently
  • Engage your community in a positive manner
  • Software that brings accountability and accomplishment to your team

Our true ability to protect and serve the community has increased by a staggering 48%. Rich at Command solutions helped us get up and running. Our CompStat Dashboard has been a life and budget saver, literally.” — Randal Cromeans, Clearfield Utah Police

Who We Are

Command Solutions was created to fill the need of bringing accomplishment and accountability to the public safety disciplines. Public safety services are a major measurement of the quality of life every community enjoys.  Command Solutions was created to enhance your agency’s contribution and increase your department’s value as an asset in the community.

Richard Hendricks

Richard Hendricks has been a certified peace officer for over 30 years. He recently retired as the Chief of Police with the Logan City Police Department, located in Logan, Utah.During the 12 years that he held office, Chief Hendricks dedicated himself to community wide safety.

Richard Hendricks of Command Solutions

Richard Hendricks, Owns Command Solutions with Randy Auman

Chief Hendricks Career Highlights:

  • 2003 Utah Chief of the Year
  • The department was recognized as Best in the State (2004)
  • The City of Logan was pronounced as the “Safest Metropolitan Area” in the United State for 2005 by Morgan, Quinton Press

Under Chief Hendricks’ direction, the Logan City Police Department was recognized as a leader in the state of Utah and western region for technology and community policing efforts.

Education and Training Background:

  • Graduated from Brigham Young University
  • Graduate of the FBI National Academy (Session 162)
  • Western FBI Command College alumni

Richard was the founder and Director of the Police Academy, located at Bridgerland Applied Technology College in Logan, UT. He has been an instructor in the Utah police academy system for over 20 years.

Richard Hendricks served on the Board of Directors for the FBI National Academy Associates Utah Chapter and has served as President of that organization. He served two terms as President of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association. Richard has served with the Western Community Policing Institute as a Team Leader and presenter for 2 years.

Randy Auman

After 35 years Randy retired as a Captain for the Logan City Police Department, Logan Utah. During his career as a police officer and commander, he supervised the Narcotic Strike Force, Investigation Division, and the Administration Division. After his retirement from the Logan Police Department, he worked for ten years as the Director of the Cache County Consolidated 911 Center.

Randy Auman of Command Solutions

Randy Auman, partners with Rich Hendricks

Captain Auman Career Highlights:

  • Narcotic Strike Force Supervisor
  • Investigations Division
  • Administration Divison
  • Consolidated 911 Center

Randy is a graduate of Weber State University and has attended a number of specialized courses and training pertaining to Crime Analysis and Crime suppression. During his career he traveled throughout Utah instructing other agencies on how to extract information stored in record management systems.